In the milling of pealed and degerminated corn grits not only are grits obtained but also low granulometry flours, with a higher amount of fat than grits.

Its most frequent uses are the following:

- Flour for bread: used with wheat flour in the elaboration of corn bread.

- Flour for baked goods: used with wheat flour (up to 20%) not only to balance the amount of gluten but also to obtain a product that is crispier and easier to fry.

- Flour for pastas: used with a 50% of wheat flour in the elaboration of pastas.

- Flour for sausages: used in the elaboration of meaty emulsions as a substitute for starch.

  Moisture   13.0 - 14.0 %  
  Fat   1.8 - 3.0 %  
  Proteins   8.0 - 10.0 %  
  Carbohidrates   75.0 - 80.0 %  
  Granulation   Between 200 - 400 microns
(Range be determined according to required specification)
  Aflatoxins   Aflatoxin B1: Max 5 PPB
Total Aflatoxin: Max 20 PPB
  Residues of pesticides   Free  
  Heavy Metals   Free