Grits used in the elaboration of typical dishes are obtained from milling pealed and degerminated corn grits.

Polenta, as the dish prepared in Argentina is called, is made with corn grits. According to the consumers taste, it can be made using various granulometries.

According to its use, these grits can be fortified and/or enriched with vitamins and/or minerals. An example is its use in government funded food plans.

  Moisture   13.0 - 14.0 %  
  Fat   1.0 - 1.8 %  
  Proteins   8.0 - 12.0 %  
  Carbohidrates   75.0 - 80.0 %  
  Granulation   Between 250 - 1000 microns
(Range be determined according to required specification)
  Aflatoxins   Aflatoxin B1: Max 5 PPB
Total Aflatoxin: Max 20 PPB
  Residues of pesticides   Free  
  Heavy Metals   Free